Keep this in mind while we progress through the buying process, because when we begin searching for a home, we have to establish some parameters, collect enough data to make some decisions, review what's left to look at, and then then search again, better. This process usually begins in your own home, your kitchen, or office, somewhere safe. A single spouse then shares with the other. they discuss the possibilities and keep searching. Eventually, they seek out a realtor.

That's where we come in...

For instance, RE/MAX agents are really good at listening to what a Buyer wants, and then applying the information to available housing choices among the Palm Springs are inventory of homes for sale. When we begin, it's very common for for us to hit the target multiple times. We begin digital auto-subscriptions of homes from or from the local MLS's, enabling the Buyer to look at properties that fit their description. In this way, we usually winnow down the selection to a handful or a dozen of properties. Sometimes down to only 1-3, and then we schedule of day of going out to preview homes.

Home Buying with RE/MAX Desert Properties

Thing is though, even at this point we only havea  50/50 chance of walking into the property on day one. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes we nail it on the first home we walk into. But sometimes, we hit the target strong, but haven't quite hit the bullseye. This is why, we at RE/MAX want to see the Buyer in the homes. How they lean against the fireplace, stand in the kitchen, explore the back yard. These things matter. Is there room for their hobbies, interests, in-laws, kids, and pets. Can they see themselves living here, or does it just fit their ideal fung shei?

It matters. Often, we'll prepare people for how cmoing close to a bullseye on day one can feel like a failure. "but don't worry," we tell them. Because by hearing your remarks, watching how you embrace the space, we learn. Then we go back to our own computers and search again, and on day two...we usually see nothing but bullseyes."

Another thing worth bringing up here, is how a local realtor can sft through the local housing choices better than a realtor who only visits the desert occasionally. Outside the area realtors will try and convince their friends and past clients that they can do a good job in the Palm Springs area, despite them living in LA or Orange county, or elsewhere. And they might do a good job. But don't you want a GREAT job when investing your hard-earned money in such an expensive and important thing? That's why we offer to work with an outside realtor on a referal basis. So, they can stay involved in the process and advise their friends, but leave the on-the-ground work to the local experts.

Here's a short video from our Youtube DESERT REAL ESTATE CHANNEL, detailing the top 3 reasons why you need a local realtor.

Why Use a Local Realtor - The Video

There's also different considerations for different types of buyers. For instance, a year round resident, because summers are so hot, might prefer a northern exposure on the portion of their home with the most windows. Becuase this way, the windows are always in the shade. Yet, a seasonal owner will want all the sunshine they can get because winters are so pleasant.

Here's some factors that certain types of buyers might weigh heavier in their considerations:

1. Year-round residents

  • Sun vs shade
  • School districts
  • Non-HOA properties
  • Livable but value to fix up over time

2. Seasonal Out -of-area owners

  • Max sun
  • Reasonable HOA vs services & amenities
  • City golf benefits

Of course, other factors may dominate a buyers needs & wants too. Location always plays a factor. As does price. But then, prestige, lifestyle, retirement, room for family and visitors, many things will play into the decision for which property is exactly right.